Interview with Jimmy Toscano of CelticsBlog

Celtics just beat the Lakers and it was party time...until the snow came (and it is still coming). 

I did get to the chance to talk and ask some questions with Jimmy Toscano who writes for CelticsBlog right here on SB Nation.

1) What will we see out of Nate Robinson the rest of the year?

1. Nate Robinson is quite an interesting guy, huh? Everyone is obviously aware of what he's capable of, seeing him play for the Knicks, but obviously since he was traded to the Celtics his role has changed quite a bit. We saw him fall out of Doc's favor towards the end of the regular season last year, only to see him step up in the Finals and help the Celtics win an important home game. I think this season his role has been different at times, depending on who's in and out (Rajon Rondo and Delonte West). Nate has worked hard to change his game to suit the Celtics' needs but sometimes has a quick trigger. I think when West comes back to the team, it will really help Robinson out and free him up. West will be able to handle the ball at times, enabling Robinson to open up the court. While Robinson may see his minutes diminish, he is still a lethal shooter on the team and will be called upon at times to provide energy and points.

2) I am a big fan of Semih Erden, but with the return of Perkins, his time has gone down. What is his role going to be going forward for the deep Boston Celtics team?
2. The Semih Erden story has been a fun one to follow. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, expected even close to what Erden has already provided this season. With the injuries to the O'Neals, Erden has been thrusted into the mix on a championship caliber basketball team -- not bad for the rookie who was drafted last. We've seen Erden struggle on both ends of the ball (finishing on offense and then defending in the low post) but he is definitely learning. It helps that he has a few Hall of Famers to look up to. Going forth, Erden will resume his roll as third (or fourth if/when Jermaine O'Neal returns healthy) big off of the bench. With a healthy roster, he will be inactive for a number of games, and especially in the playoffs. But if one thing is for certain, there will always be a Celtics big man dealing with some sort of lingering injury, so Erden will always have to be ready when called upon. Look for him to have a bigger role on the team next season though.

3) Glen "Big Baby" Davis' contract will expire after this season. Will the Celtics trade him, resign him or let him roam free?
3. It's tough to predict if the Celtics will resign Glen Davis or let him go at season's end. They won't trade him though. In fact, don't expect the Celtics to make any trades at the deadline this year. It's no secret that Davis wanted more money than he got prior to last season's start. He was drafted in the second round so he didn't cash in there, and then he didn't get a whole lot when he was a restricted free agent. For those reasons, he's going to want to cash in this time around. The Celtics will take him back, but they won't overpay for him -- and some team might. The truth is, Davis could probably start on mediocre/bad teams, but on great teams like the Celtics, he thrives off the sixth man role. I think the Celtics would rather spend their money on Kendrick Perkins, also a free agent at the end of the season.

4) Paul Pierce vs. Ray Allen in 3 point contest.. Who wins and why?
4. Well I don't want to jinx anything, because it hasn't been announced that either of them will be in the competition yet (although I'm betting they are), but I'm going to have to go with Ray Allen over Paul Pierce. Allen is probably the best three-point shooter to ever play the game. He's about to pass Reggie Miller for first all-time and I don't see anyone approaching that record for a longgggggg time. If Allen gets hot on the first couple of shots, look out. He's lit it up in that competition in the past, and he can do it again. I was surprised when Pierce won it all last year, and I'd be very surprised if he did again. Not saying he's not a good three-point shooter (he's having a career year in the category as is Allen), just that Allen could have his number this year. Let's hope to see them both in the final round!

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