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Wild Wild West

With the struggles of the Lakers and Spurs, the once boring Western Conference has opened up and now appears to be headed for a shoot-out over the next two rounds as we ramp up to the Finals.

Will EA Sports let fans do the (previously) unthinkable?

Is Having Vick on the cover good for Madden/The NFL/Humanity?

Featured Fanshot

"Chris Paul sending him a limo right now..."

"Chris Paul sending him a limo right now..."
On the topic of Derek Fisher get...

Alright Brandon...What did you do?

Brandon, what's the story?

C'mon Kobe - You're Better Than That.

C'mon Kobe

For The Love Of The Game

Art Kehoe bleeds Orange & Green in a way that makes you appreciate the connection between college fans and their team above and beyond anything else.

Featured Fanshot

Sheen-co de Mayo

The Class A California League Padres affiliate Lake Elsinore Storm are celebrating May 5th in style - with an ode to the now legendary lunatic. Despite no obvious tie between Charlie Sheen and Mexican Independence, the promotion is being deemed a "Rehab Assignment" and will include some hilarious goodies such as a retiring Rick Vaughn's #99, pouring "TigerBlood" cocktails and serving up 2-for-1 HoHo's as dessert. It sounds like no matter what the score is of the game, fans will be able to rejoice in the home team WINNING.

Don't Call It A Comeback

With a nasty back nine on Friday, Tiger Woods has put himself in the hunt as we head into the weekend at The Masters - and it appears that golf's normally snooty fans are fully back on board.

The Heart, Spirit & Kidney's Of College Sports

The Heart, Spirit & Kidney's Of College Sports - Wake Forest coach gives more than any recruit could ask for.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Featured Fanshot

SBNation's 2011 NCAA Bracket

The good folks at SB Nation and our awesome network of 300 (yes, its now 300!) sports blogs have pooled together the best bracket on the Internets. Each hyper-linked team takes you to the SB site devoted to that squad providing more info than you could possibly digest before your picks are due and the first round tips off. Good Luck!

Special NBA Live Chat

Live NBA Chat!

The Way The West Won

The All-Star game in LA brought the stars to Staples Center, but by the end of the game it was the superstars on the court who showed they were ready to play for real.

Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant

Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant, New inside look

Knicks GM Donnie Walsh Has Done More Than Enough to Deserve An Extension

Donnie Walsh has turned the Knicks from a laughingstock into a competitive, youthful team in under three years. He's earned the right for another year on the job more than you know.

Interview with Jimmy Toscano of CelticsBlog

Interview with a NBA writer

The Development of a Point Guard

How to be a great NBA Point Guard, Breakdown

Assist-to-Turnover Ratio

Who has the best assist-to-turnover may surprise you!

Game of the Week(end): Patriots vs Jets

Game of the week; Pats vs Jets

Celtics Injury Problems

Celtics Injury problems

Cheerleaders in Sports

Sports cheerleaders

Future of Volleyball

Is pro volleyball league in Project Franchise's future?

AFC Round 2 Picks

AFC Round 2 picks, check them out

Blue Jays Doing Right By Their Fans

A look at a team going above and beyond to reconnect with their future generation of fans.

Secret Weapons On Stopping Dominant Players

New sports humor on FOF

Trash Talking and Loudmouth All-Stars

Trash Talking All-Star

New Features Coming to Front Office Fans and the Rest of the Sports World

New Features Coming to Front Office Fans!! Including awards and interviews.

Rajon Rondo and the Quest for Excellence

Is Rondo a superstar?

NBA Dunk Contest

Is it the end of the Dunk Contest or the new beginning?

The T-Wolves could be good... with help

Possible future for the Timberwolves. Just maybe...

Bowls This Year...Bo - Ring! (a preview of what's left to come)

college bowls this - bor-ing