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Raiders to LA

If we were Al Davis there are a lot of things we would do differently, but the first would be getting the heck out of Oakland and head south on the 101, again. The Raiders are miserable and dont seem to be doing anything to get better anytime soon, but the big problem is that they went from being one of the most valuable franchises in sports to one of the least valuable in the NFL in just the last 10 years. A big reason is because they no longer play in the second largest media market and now share the Bay Area spotlight with the Niners, who really are the local team of choice. It also doesnt help that they play in a completely miserable, oversized stadium in a city on the low end of the California economic scale, meaning they rarely sell out. Not having a big name star hasnt helped either, but that still doesnt seem to stop thousands of Los Angelenos from buying silver and black jerseys and making the pilgrimege up north 8 times a year to watch their miserable team play. Dont believe us, spend a Sunday evening during football season in the Southwest terminal at the Oakland airport and you'll see its chalk full of Raiders fans flying back to LA... On second thought, never spend a Sunday evening at the Oakland airport by choice - although if you do get stuck there, we highly recommend the peperoni pizza at Round Table.