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The Questions That We Would Ask

"The Questions We Would Ask" is a section we are using to review the questionable decisions made by folks around the sports world (mostly NBA & NFL players) and pose the questions that we would ask if we were their GM and could actually schedule a face-to-face behind closed doors. It seems like every day that there is a new sensational story in the news about an athlete doing something that makes you think that they are a certifiable r’tard. Most of the time it feels like we only get to hear a small fraction of a story.  We always get the who, what, where and when of a story - so how come there is always a big glaring WHY?  And not the BS agent/ lawyer/publicist produced explanation. We would want the “real” reason from the athlete’s mouth of why he got into a certain predicament. For example, all of us have been “intoxicated” and have done things that we aren’t proud of (from what we remember) or that are semi-illegal.  Hopefully, most of the time when we go out and have drinks with your friends you hit the town, get wasted and at the end of the night safely pass out in your bed (preferably with an at least semi attractive lady next to you). Rarely, do we engage in activities that result in some form of incarceration. But on those rare occasions when one of our buddies crosses the line and ends up in the drunk tank, we always give him the full 20Q's the next day b/c we want to know exactly how this came to pass. There would be no, open ended unknown explanation as to why he was taking a whiz off a seventh story balcony at a hotel three blocks from where he lives.

Obviously athletes do stupid logic defying stuff on the reg, but there has to be some explanation to most of these dumb situations, even if they are fully moronic…So we will pretend we are their GM, or a truly brave member of the media, and will ask the important questions these athlete’s in order to find out just what exactly was going through their heads. Please submit your own personal Questions in the comments section and we will post the most intriguing/hilarious. And when our players act a fool, they can expect a mtg with the GM to ask "What the F?!"

Step into our office...

Plaxico Burress -  Was there a specific reason you were carrying a gun in da club? Like, had you recently had a death threat or were you wearing extra bling? Why were you wearing sweatpants in da club? I understand you dont need to rock a full 3-piece suit, but how about a pair of jeans? How do you carry a gun in sweatpants any way? Did you have any bodyguards - if yes - did they pack heat as well? Were you wearing a vest with your sweatpants, bc it seems like if you think you need to carry a gun then you are expecting a shootout, so some defense would probably be a good plan.