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Our Field Of Dreams

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When we take over a team, we’re also going to take over a stadium (or at least a lease on one), so "Our Field of Dreams" is where we will discuss all the possible bells and whistles that we want in our stadium. It could be things that we’ve seen at other ballparks that we really liked or just pipe dream ideas, plus of course reader suggestions on what our stadium should include. Heading to the ballpark with your friends enjoying some man sodas, eating wings, and watching a good game is one of the most purely fun things a group of American males can do together. Sometimes, however, there are no games on the field (or at least not any good ones), and not even any playing in the bar, and sitting around your kitchen table getting drunk with a bunch of dudes is as appealing as being forced to watch a WNBA game that goes into overtime. We personally like to engage in sports related activities when comfortably inebriated (think like 5-6 beers into a summer afternoon). So if we had an unlimited budget, we’d like to trick out our home park with these items so that our fans could never dream of being bored - and as the fans who will be using the facilities, let us know what you'd like to see included.