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10/12/09 - 'Foot-ball... Wild-cats'

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Wildcat Offense - Its resurgence started in Arkansas a few years back when they ran wild with the Wild Hog, but it became a national phenomenon when the Dolphins brought it to the NFL, and the team that made it famous seems to be the ones who have nearly perfected the tricky formation. While all sorts of teams around the league attempt their own versions (see: Vick, Michael - Eagles), the Fins have figured out just the right times to put it in place and just the right personnel to run it with. Ronnie Brown's versatile running style and good enough passing arm paired with the extra blocker freed up by the lack of a QB has given them the ability to run the formation in all types of situations. Now with the addition of former West Va standout Pat White, they have even more legs to run the Wildcat and pulled it off to perfection on Monday night as they went down the field for the winning TD to beat the Jets with next to no time left on the clock. The Wildcat is fun and different and a total throwback, but still a breath of fresh air in the Pro-Style offense that dominates the NFL, so any guy who can coach up the WildCat can help run our team anyday.