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10/12/09 - Better Not Be The Money

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Deion Sanders & Dez Bryant - The Ok St stud receiver has been suspended indefinitely awaiting potential NCAA sanctions for lying about what supposedly transpired at a dinner at the former NFL-er's house. There are a whole bunch of things wrong with this situation, but mostly why Bryant thought it was at all a good idea to go to dinner at Deion's pad while still in school and why he thought lying to the NCAA was a good idea even though he supposedly didnt do anything wrong. The last time we lied about doing something that wasnt bad was never, so the whole thing seems pretty suspicious. Then there is Deion, a former Fla St Seminole who seems to have taken it upon himself to meddle in the young careers of a whole bunch of college players. First it was his odd, semi-adoption of Noel Devine, who apparently stole Deion's wife's Benz and hopped a plane to West Virginia, where he's now playing Moutaineer football. Now its Bryant - and if Dez wasnt smart enough to steer clear of the shiny neon lights, you would have thought Deon, a grown ass man, would have known better... but i guess we really should have known better.