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Rush Limbaugh

Luckily it doesnt look like Rush will ever actually get to be an owner of an NFL team as its being reporting that he's been dropped from the investment group trying to buy the Rams - however, we are quite sure that if he was somehow able to fit his humungous head into the owner's skybox at the Edward Jones Dome, he would be the biggest pain in the ass owner on either side of the Mississippi. Besides his well known penchant for popping pills and being a loudmouth wingnut who craves unnecessary attention and usually gets it by saying outlandish things - he seems to be a terrible football mind. During his brief stint on ESPN he made many bad predictions, most notably his somewhat racist claim that Donovan McNabb was overhyped because he was black. Well a whole bunch of playoff wins and a Super Bowl appearance later, its quite clear that Donovan will retire as a legitimate great all time QB. With the exception of the one good TO year, McNabb has played with basically one solid offense weapon (Brian Westbrook) his entire career, while making Philly a perennial NFC favorite almost every season. While we dont agree with his politics or style, its his stupidity and attitude that make him one of those guys who couldnt buy a piece of ownership in our franchise with any amount of cash.