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Ochocinco to the Rescue

Considering he has a pretty bad rap for being selfish and being a showboat, we have to commend Chad Ochocinco (fka Johnson) for doing whatever it is he did with Motorola to ensure this weeks Bengals game would be on TV in Cincinnati and that 1,2000 lucky fans will get a free seat in the stadium. While we doubt he ponied up his own cash (although he did once famously beat a pony in a foot race), he lended his name and celebrity to a cause that truly is all about the fan - and for that we salute him. Chad has all the skills to be a top 5 receiver in the NFL - and some years he actually lives up to the hype - but he tends to be viewed in a negative light by the media for his post-TD antics and general wide-receiver selfish attitude. But, it should be noted, Chad doesnt have any DUI's or gun charges and, as far as we know, he's never beaten up on his girl - he's just been a football player who's all about entertaining their fans, so he can join our team anyday. And for the haters who say he's overrated, well we think that deserves a "Child please".