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Dan Snyder made billions in the advertising world and has turned massive profits while still spending like crazy on players and facilities - but as good as he is at businesss, he is just as bad at football. It seems like every season the Skins make some major offseason free agent acquisition (Albert Haynesworth, Jason Taylor, etc), yet when it comes time to get on the field they regularly under deliver, particularly down the stretch. This year, however, seems to be a bit different, as they have decided to tank out of the opening gates - suffering miserable losses the last three weeks to the Chiefs, Lions, and Panthers. After todays ugly loss to the Chiefs, head coach Jim Zorn was relieved of offensive play calling duties because he apparently has "too much" on his plate. Thats probably the lamest PR excuse we've just about ever hear come out of the front office - and even if it were true, would be a terrible statement to make about a marquee teams head coach. If the guy cant manage to organize a losing team of all-stars while also doing his main job description, well then why keep him around anyways?! While we think Snyder is very good at marketing and managing the money, and we may even consider hiring him as our CPA/CMO, if he got put in charge of our team, well our reaction would likely be the same as Zorn's opening comments at today's post game press conference:

From ESPN - "Zorn began his postgame news conference with a loud, lengthy sigh into the microphone..."