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Fisher Goin Fishin?

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After a 59-0 beat down in the snow at the gloved hands of Tom Brady and the Pats, the Titans are off to a miserable 0-6 start that only seems to be getting worse. Head coach Jeff Fisher is definitely on the hot seat after team owner Bud Adams dropped the classic doomsday line, "I'll make a decision at the end of the season". We know that the folks in the south tend to be a bit slower than the rest, but have Tennesseans already forgotten about last season when Fisher's Titans had the best regular season record in the NFL?! While he hasnt actually won a Super Bowl, and they did suffer an early exit from the playoffs after that great 08 regular season, we still think Fisher deserves a bit longer of a rope than a six game losing streak. The guy basically built the franchise from scratch - and caught a couple of bad breaks in recent times - particularly in the form of a headcase QB bust (Vince Young) and a big free agent loss (Albert Haynesworth), which have left him doing more with less than almost any other team in the league during his tenure. Now if they do go 0-16, well then we would be ok with Bud giving him the axe, but until then you've got to respect the guy a bit - even if its just because he has a totally manly stache & cut combo.