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Denver Broncos - After giving away the AFC West down the stretch last season, the Broncos picked up a 12 year old coach, traded away their franchise QB for next to nothing and suffered through multiple on-the-practice-field tantrums from their star receiver. And apparently that was the recipe for success, as the team is off to a 6-0 start thanks to big time back to back wins against the recent AFC elite Patriots & Chargers. The most recent Monday night win featured 2 kick returns for TD's by the uber speedy Eddie Royal, plus a dominant second half of offense and lock down defense. Josh McDaniel was the easy butt of a host of pre-season jokes, but somehow his team just wins baby - and looks good doing it. Rocking the fugly AFL throwbacks for the second time in as many weeks, Kyle Orton looked like a stud QB, once again going mistake free and generating more than enough offense to support the dominant defense and special teams. While there is still plenty of time for them to tank out the rest of the season, at this point the Broncos sure look like a legit force in the AFC and a very possible Super Bowl contender - so for that, we're hopping on the bandwagon.