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10/19/09 - That Other Steve Smith

Steve Smith -  The Panthers diminuitive wide out whos been a consistent fantasy stud the past 5 seasons, apparently isnt overly thrilled with his QB's sudden inability to get him the ball - and he's letting everyone know about it. Smith, after catching only one ball for 4 yards in the Panthers win over the Bucs on Sunday, was quoted as saying that he felt he was no longer part of the offense or an asset to the team. Given the ugly losses the Panthers have suffered in this early season, you would have thought Smith would have been thrilled with a good in-conference win - but alas, he's a wide receiver, so we really should have known better. In classic wideout fashion, Smith complained publicly about not getting his and decided to pout like a teenage girl who was just told that her curfew is at midnight. It may be that he is being overshadowed by the breakout season of the former USC Trojan & current NY Giant receiver by the same name or that he hasnt caught a TD yet this season, but really, get over it Stevesy - your in the NFL, making millions of dollars to play football and your team just won... As one loudmouth wideout would say, "Child please."