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Jeff Reed, the Steelers kicker apparently came to the rescue of his teammates recently outside a Pittsburgh bar and is now catching some heat. It turns out back-up TE Matt Spaeth was hammered and taking a whiz in the street (classy!) just across from Heinz Field when police strolled up. Spaeth was cited for being a drunk fool and then Reed stumbled out of the bar and, per the police report, took a "fighting stance". The mental image here is hilarious, as we can just picture Reed (while still wearing his jersey & pants we imagine) literally putting up his dukes and crouching down in some type of quasi boxing-wrestler attack mode.

So, we've got some questions for Mr Reed and kickers in general... What did you think you were going to accomplish with the whole fighting the cops thing? Have you ever watched COPS? If so, have you ever seen someone punch out the COPS and then just casually stroll off? And, if not, what the hell is wrong with you - that show is an American tradition?!

And, whats deal with these NFL kickers? Don't these guys know they are one step above male cheerleaders in the eyes of basically all pro athletes and fans? Why do they like to go talking trash and over celebrating and getting into drunken bar fights with the authorities? Shouldn't they count their blessings that they have the least painful/strenuous job in professional sports and enjoy those big fat paychecks, minimal celebrity status and the chance to win a ring?!