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Media Noche (aka a Cuban Sandwich)

Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavs and often rumored soon-to-be-owner of any struggling MLB team, has a knack for getting himself seen and heard by the media. Sometimes its obnoxious and over the top (see "The Benefactor"), but a lot of the time he's saying the stuff that the average fan thinks - so for that we commend him. When we get our team, we will be sitting on the first base line (when we're not weezing free beer off the tap at the concession stand), wearing a PF t-shirt and hollering about bad calls to the ump, because we are fans first, and thats what Cuban seems to be.

In his most recent press clipping, Cuban announced to a Pittsburgh area medical school during a speech that he was ok with steroids being used in pro sports, just so long as they were medically regulated and had no negative long term side effects. And, we do believe, thats what most fans think - and thats why you dont hear fans really grumbling about steroids in baseball (its mostly the media kicking up dust) and why no one cares at all about football players or Olympians juicing. (Note - before this next sentence, we'd like the record to show that we have a hard time admitting we actually read the book cover to cover and an even harder time believing we are about to write this) Since reading Jose Canseco's case for steroids in "Juiced", we've sort of felt the same way - heck if guys are taking all types of legal performance enhancing supplements (eg: creatine, etc), then why should steroids or HGH be any different - as long as they dont totally ruin your body long term.

We could post much more about Cuban, and probably will in the future, but as far as today's media spotlight on him goes - we're all for it. And if he wants to spend a few mil out of his riches on buying a minor league baseball team - well we'd be happy to give him first dibs on the keg.