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Ochco Cinco.... There's an app for that!

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The always-on Chad Ocho Cinco has reportedly come out with his own, premium iPhone app, after the Bengals told him no more Twitter. While Chad's creativity never ceases to amaze us, we do have to question the $5 price tag they put on the app. It would seem like through his many endorsement contracts, they would be better off making the app free, getting maximum distribution and using it as a place to promote his products and team. Although, given his facial reaction when explained how banks work ("they take your money and loan it to other people, to make money off of it"), we never really thought of Ocho Cinco (which translates to "eight five", not his actual number "eighty-five") as a math whiz or business mogul.

However, as we find his babbling banter usually quite entertaining, we will probably download that app just to hear what ridiculous claim comes out of his mouth next. The good news for Chad is that, when he really wants to, he backs up all that loud talk and swagger on the field.