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Steinbrenner Spends to Win

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"The Boss" may not really be the boss of the Yankees anymore, but the ideals he built the modern pinstripe dynasty on still resonates through his sons who now run the team. In the last offseason, the Yanks went out and dropped the big bucks on top free agents CC Sabathia and Mark Texeira - and the investment paid off, as their new multi-gazillion dollar stadium in the Bronx will play host to the World Series starting later this week. Despite already having the highest payroll in baseball, they Yankees ownership continues to cut checks and sign players by any means ($$$) necessary. Although it seems like this approach of squashing the little guy is sort of counter-intuitive to everything Project Franchise is about - its really not. Until there is a salary cap in baseball, the Steinbrenners are just doing whatever they can to give their very large and high paying fan base the best chance to be cheering well into late October. So, while we feel for the fans and the owners in Oakland and Kansas City and Milwaukee who just cant afford to keep up, we've got to applaud George and his boys for betting big on the home team.