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Locker Room Celebrations with Hugs, Champagne, High Fives, Beer...and Goggles??

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Has anybody noticed that lately when a professional sports team wins a championship, their league, or division, that the new must have accessory in every locker room is a pair of goggles to keep the booze out of their eyes? It strikes me as very unmanly to strap on protective gear before celebrating one of the biggest accomplishments of your career. I highly doubt that The Babe ever threw on a pair of goggles before Lou Gehrig doused him with an ice cold beer. In fact if you offered him goggles in the locker room after winning the World Series I am 100% sure he'd waste no time in punching you in the face. I don't know for sure but I suspect the trend started with Jonathan Papelbon and the Red Sox because that is definitely a wussy Red Sox type thing to do. How funny is it when a player is getting interviewed on live TV and gets a cold stinging blast of champagne to the eye's? With goggles now becoming a permanent fixture in post game locker room celebrations moments like those may never happen again. I'll tell you one thing, I wouldn't want the type of player who'd reach for a pair of goggles before he'd reach for a cold Bud Light anywhere near my team.