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10/26/09 - The Least Scary Animals

Panthers & Bills - Every time Jake Delhomme went back to throw the ball yesterday everyone in the stadium was surprised anytime somebody on the Panthers actually came down with the ball.  This guy may actually be being outplayed by Jamarcus Russell at this point.  Not that the Bills' ineptitude offensively was going to be overshadowed by Delhomme.  They were outgained 425-167 in total yards, had 10 less minutes of time of possession and mustered a grand total of nine first downs in the game.  This is a team that managed to lose to the Browns 6-3 even after Cleveland quarterback Derek Andersen went 2-17 for the game.  While these two teams are certainly not the worst teams (that would be Tampa Bay and St. Louis) they have become the biggest disappointments.  That's quite an achievement considering the lack of expectations these teams even faced coming into the season.  Their blueprint for any future success this season should include trying not to suck in every phase of the game.