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Big Mac's Back!

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It's not every day a former juicer comes back to baseball, but that day has come. Folks, welcome back Mark McGwire. If you haven't heard yet, he indeed is back in the bigs. He ain't playing, but he's teaching Cards how to hit. Coach Tony La Russa was on his way out the door, but he's signed Mac to a one-year deal, and has said he'll be back for the year as well.

Seems like Coach is trying to make his former stud look good again. This is gonna be tough. Mac was always a great hitter, but a great hitter on roids makes him a legend...until he gets caught. So having him as hitting coach is probably not a bad move at all. Problem is, he's gonna have to address the media sooner or later and steroid questions will be asked.

We find it a bit odd that a former user and record breaker (of course with a * in place) can easily come back to the majors. But a coach with a gambling problem (Pete Rose anyone?) still hasn't made it to the Hall of Fame after all these years.

We're actually looking forward to seeing Mac again. It's been years, and we're definitely wondering if he's still as big as he was when he left the game (naturally big, of course). Keep your eyes peeled for the Big Mac press conference...should be a doozy.