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Now You'll Actually Have To Back It Up

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All of us have that friend (or five) that like to talk about how good they were back in the day when they played.  Most of them come with outrageous claims about what they used to be able to do and even what they still could do on the field today. I have a buddy who likes to claim that he could hit 80 MPH on the gun "no problem".  The real "problem" is that none of us own a radar gun and are thus unable to prove that the guy is a total idiot.  I hereby submit that the Project Franchise stadium be equipped with a 60' 6" mound and a radar gun for the use of the fans so that these types of disagreements between friends can be solved swiftly and definitely.

What other types of sporting facilities could be added to a stadium in order to solve disputes amongst friends??  We are thinking about batting cages, a half court basketball setup, and of course a boxing ring.  What would you put in a stadium in order to settle an unrealistic claim??