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10/26/09 - Four of a Kind

All Four Sports - This is a glorious week to be a sports fan, as the delayed baseball playoffs and early hoops schedule, means that starting tomorrow we will have all four major American sports going on at the same time. Keep in mind that we, like we were once told by the publisher of Sports Illustrated, believe that those four are NFL, NBA, MLB & NCAA Football - but heck, even our friends near the northern border are happy this week as hockey is also in full swing, er slap. No sports fans have more to cheer about than the usually angry folks in Philly, who just watched their Eagles win on Monday night and can look forward to the Phillies taking on the Yanks in the World Series, Penn St is 7-1, and after last seasons strong finish the 76ers look like a pretty decent team for the 09-10 season in the Eastern Conference - and even the Flyers seem to be a promising squad (or so our Canadian friends say). While we know its only a week or so, but we just want to thank the sports Gods for giving us the exciting run run that is shaping up for October, as we're looking to work up an appetite with proper Thanksgiving just around the corner.