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Fantasy Land

While we at Front Office Fans prefer to critique the poor decisions and applaud the great choices of real life GM's, Owners, Coaches, etc, we would be remiss if we didn't - from time to time - acknowledge those same moves as they happen in the fantasy sports arena.

As someone who watched their fantasy super bowl dreams crash down by Bryan Westbrook's "smart" decision to take a knee late in the 2007 season, I'm very sympathetic of getting hosed by a fantasy player (Westbrook's concussion last night may just screw up my 09 season as well) - but that doesn't mean there aren't all types of stupid moves and genius picks going on around the fantasy sports world on a daily basis. So we will use the Fantasy Land section as a way for us to question and hype the calls fantasy owners around the web are making - so if you're in an open league on Yahoo or ESPN or CBS or really any other popular fantasy site, you better be careful about the moves you make, bc we're watching (and judging).

And if you've got a buddy who just made a terrible trade (say Cedric Benson for Leon Washington), let us know and we'll put him on blast.