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Fantasy, Fantasy, Fantasy - I love Fantasy.

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"Pam, not now, my running back's team is at the goal line!"
"Pam, not now, my running back's team is at the goal line!"

I love Fantasy Football as much as Howard Stern loves lesbians. I love Fantasy Football as much as Andre Agassi loves meth, hell I love Fantasy more than I love most of my extended family.

I have been in a league for 8 years (pre internet days) and I just can't get enough, I spend my Sunday's cooped up in my darkened apartment with the only light coming from the glow of my laptop and the constant flickering of the red zone channel. It would take a young Pamela Anderson asking me to help her towel off after a shower to get my attention.

I have had more downs than ups and made some really stupid moves. But I am valiantly still in search of my first ring (I have made 1 Super Bowl and the playoffs 3 times). One of my league mates (who has two rings) recently called me "The Lord Of No Rings" and I caused quite a commotion when I wrestled him to the ground and attempted to choke him out, it wouldn't have been such a big deal had it not happened in a church... during a funeral.

I am very interested to hear stories of craziness/stupidity/awesomeness that have transpired in your leagues. I have 2 that readily come to my mind.

In 2000, my buddy, who is in another league had the first pick in his draft and selected Laurence Phillips. Unclear on the concept much?

One of my league mates drafts Olindo Mare every year because in our league's first year Mare kicked a 50 yard field goal on a Monday night that not only one him his weekly matchup, but knocked his opponent out of the final playoff spot. on the final week of the regular season.

I cant wait to hear the stories of the stupid draft choices, idiotic trades, and pure bad luck that you all undoubtably have. The best ones will be posted on our front page for the world to see - so don't hold back!