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Who Do You Think Will Win The Baseball Contest Tonight?

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"To win tonight they'll have to play with intensity"
"To win tonight they'll have to play with intensity"

I hate when co-workers come up to my cubicle at work and want to discuss the upcoming/previous night's game, especially when they find it necessary to add their retarded irrelevant uneducated stupid dumb opinions. Most of the time I will respond to the "How bout that Niners game yesterday?", by saying something like, "holy shit, that was yesterday? I totally forgot". My response is usually met with some sort of a smile and a response of "oh you" and a walk away. The above response is also helpful so you don't have to hear Katie from reception's observation that the "defense just wasn't trying in the 2nd half". Another good one you can use is the old switcheroo. On the Monday after the Superbowl (assuming you actually make it to work) when the IT guy ambles over to say "Helluva game yesterday!" (even though he was probably only half watching it while playing World of Warcraft) I will say something like, "yeah, the Warriors looked good, the team is full of good shooters, last night was just a bad matchup for us size wise". This will undoubtably lead to some confused looks, and hopefully discourage any further sports related chit chat. Whilst I could care less about any of my 300 or so office mates sports opinion's I want to hear yours FOF blog readers, simply by you reading this blog I respect your opinion's more that 99.9% of people out there who call themselves "sports fans". Please vote in the poll below and prove that you are much smarter than the general sports watching public, also leave a brief explanation for your vote in the comments section - anyone who writes "team x because they are hungrier" will be receive a lifetime ban from this blog