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Philly Phans

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Behind a gem by Cliff Lee, the Phillies pulled off a big time beat down in the Bronx in game 1 of the Series tonight - just a day after the Eagles won big on MNF against the divisional rival Redskins. The Phillies look like a team thats loose and having fun - and although none of us are Phillies fans per se - and even more fun to root for. Some hard throwing young pitchers, big bats like Ryan Howard and entertaining characters like Jimmy Rollins (who recently claimed the Phillies would win the Series - in 5 games). Considering the city of Philidelphia sure doesnt have much going on that we are interested in - except for those delish heart attacks between bread they call sandwiches - and they are regularly known as the biggest complainers of all fans, we must say it seems like a sunny time to be a sports fan in Philidelphia.