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Favre - Cheers or Boos?

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As Brett Favre looks to make his much hyped return to Green Bay this weekend, for whats shaped up to be a pretty important NFC North divisional showdown, most of the talk has been about how Brett will play under the conditions and how his Vikings teammates will respond. Our big question though, is how will the other 70k plus fans at Lambeau react?!?

We were once in a cab in Milawaukee en route to the Miller Brewing Plant (ed note - you will never appreciate the difference between really fresh beer and what you get in a store until you have a High Life in Milwaukee) attempting to recover the day after a raucous wedding and asked the cabbie - who, judging by the long scenic route and constant blabbering, considered himself our tour guide - about #4 and he emphatically told us "Brett Favre could be the governor of Wisconsin for the rest of his life".

However, we expect that the response from the Packers fans will be decidedly more chilly this time around - now that he's gone to the much hated Vikings and actually has them playing some very high quality football. Although, in reality, Favre was really sent 'packing' by the team's ownership who decided it was time for Aaron Rodgers to become the big cheese.

The Packers are actually an NFL team that is technically owned by their fans - although they have basically zero say in any team decisions - so it will be interesting to see how they treat their former employee and idol, who did give them a decade and half worth of memories and mostly very good seasons - but who is now wearing the colors of one of their fiercest rivals.