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Cleveland Fans Steamed, Ready to Protest

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It's bad enough that Cleveland  fans had to watch as game 1 of the World Series was opened by  two stud pitchers that were together on the Indians roster at the beginning of last season.  To make matters worse, they have to suffer through another half of the NFL season that was over before it started.  It seems that Browns fans have seen what Brown(s) can do...and they are ready to PROTEST

Some revolutionaries from the dogpound have launched a plan to embarrass Browns owner, Randy Lerner, by arriving late to Cleveland's Monday Night Football game against Baltimore.  Obviously, we here at FOF (and by extension support the fans idea to send a message to the team they support both emotionally and financially.  Their execution, however, needs a little work because embarrassment just won't do the trick.  If Lerner and Browns brass were easily embarrassed, don't you think the Browns record or the fact that THIS is their franchise QB, would already have them red in the face?

With all due respect to the organizers, their plan lacks a punch that the Browns ownership will feel, and the only ones truly embarrassed will be the guys on the field, and the dude who got a "B" shaved into his chest hair, who has to wait 2 quarters until the rest of his man-scaped buddies arrive.  This plan would be like trying to boycott McDonalds by purchasing 70,000 Big Macs but refusing to eat them.  The point being...Ronald McDonald and Randy Lerner don't care what you do after you buy their long as you are putting money in their pocket. 

Since true die-hard fans can't resist watching their team play...those that stay out of the stadium for the half will undoubtedly be watching the game on television, which would actually boost the Browns television ratings.  Thus, in a sick and convoluted way, the plot to embarrass Randy Lerner would actually put more cashola into his pockets. It's simple and unfortunate, but money talks and for many owners it's the only language they understand. 

I'm not saying the Brown Out is a bad's great, but it needs to go further, and since most of the seats for that game are already paid for, fans need to figure out a better way to attack Lerner's man purse.  Front Office Fans are suggesting a true boycott...send Lerner a message he will understand and spend a whole game avoiding the concessions and merchandise.  

What what other (legal) steps can real fans take to send shabby owners a message?