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The Thrill of Fantasy Sports...Without the Stress, Carpal Tunnel

"The League" sneak peek (via jonlajoie)

If you're anything like me, your fantasy league home page permanently occupies some prime real estate on the bottom of any computer you're sitting in front of. I haven't installed a security update in years, for the fear that the moment I'm forced to restart my computer, news will break that requires me to immediately spring to action. (Note: never has the phrase "spring to action" been used so inaccurately...mark it) Seriously, if men think about sex every five seconds then they surely fantasize about their electronic roster every 6. It is this level of obsession that has FX set to air a new sitcom called "The League".

That being said, is the world ready for a sitcom dedicated fantasy sports? I applaud the creativity, especially in the elusive sports/comedy/fiction genre, which usually involves some combination of washed up athlete/fish out of water/adorable niece/someone learns something about themself. (Even though it fits the formula, Eastbound and Down is the exception and is an amazing show.) I'm really torn about this, because I find my fantasy league involvement entertaining to no end, however, when someone from a different league starts a story with "listen to this trade..." I know that story will invariably end with me taking a fake phone call. I'm just not sure how much mileage they can get out of this premise.

The promo clip looks pretty funny, and not overly dependent on Fantasy Sports humor. I'll give it a shot, but I'm cautiously optimistic.