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Happy Hall-O-ween

ESPN's College Gameday doesnt usually film from west coast locations - and its not an east coast bias, its just that the show is live at 7am PT, and not many fans are going to turn up at that hour to stand in the background of a tv show. However, the fans in Eugene, Oregon got up early and were in full green force when it was still dark out this morning. Of course they are playing the biggest home game they've just about ever had (currently up 24-17 just before the half) today, but their dedicaiton definitely deserves some props. Especially when you consider that the coin flip wasnt until 5p PT - meaning those screaming hippies were out in the cold and rain for 10 hrs before the game. And the screaming fans weren't alone, they were joined by Nike founder, and generally one of the coolest dudes on the planet, Phil Knight and the Ducks first year head coach Chip Kelly. Coach came out rocking the Duck's mascot head and procieeded to hoot and holler with the college kids like he was Bruce Pearl. After a terrible start in Boise, which was highlighted by the right cross heard around the world, Kelly has taken a stronghold on the program, ratlling off a bunch of wins and doing some classy things along the way - like personally paying back a UofO fan for their travel expense to Idaho. If they can hold on and pull of the upset tonight, we will say its well deserved by everyone - from the players to the coach to the fans who have made Autzen Stadium one of the scariest places to play - and not just on Halloween!