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Project Franchise on SB Nation

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Have you ever wanted to call into your local sports talk radio and scream like a lunatic about the wasted timeout your coach called in the third quarter or the blown lottery draft pick or even the terrible selection of beer at the ballpark? Well, good news, so have we. Project Franchise is a group of sports fans who think, or at least really hope, that collectively we could do a better job running our own team than most of the GM's, Owners, and VP's of Player Personnel out there. So, we are buying a minor league baseball team and are letting the fans run the show - everything from who's on the mound to who gets honored with a bobblehead night. We are hoping to throw out the first pitch in April of 2010, so over the next six months we'll be using our new SB Nation blog, "Front Office Fans" to help spread the word about the Project, give updates on our progress, and mostly be the voice of the fans who would have taken Jordan over Sam Bowie.

We will be fair and fun, applauding those in the sports world who call the right shots just as much as we cut up the guys running their teams into the ground (we apologize in advance to Al Davis). To find out more about what we are up to, check out and keep coming back to as we genuinely want to hear from you.