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8/10/09 - Bronx Bombers

Yankees - Since the break, and even just before, no team has been hotter than the Yankees. And, while we may hate them for charging fans a full years salary for a bleacher ticket and a beer (nevermind getting the souvenier cup!), the Boss and his boys do deserve a lot of credit for always spending the money they need to win. They've had a "tough" couple of seasons without making the Series, but as they always seem to do, they went out and bought a boatload of free agents in the offseason who are paying themselves forward through this critical stretch of the season. CC just pitched another gem and Texeira is providing that extra bat of protection thats getting A-Rod looks like the one he took yard in the 15th during their 4 game sweep of the Sawks over the weekend. The new ballpark may have a very short porch and it may be too expensive for most anyone to afford a ticket to, but by all acounts its a great place to catch a game - and when the home team is winning like this, all the fans leave the park happy.