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8/17/09 - Y.E.-S!!!

YE Yang - When it comes to golf and Tiger Woods, we are (er, were) firm believers that he was invincible and likely the greatest to ever play the game. While the latter may still be true, it took a feisty, unknown Korean with a silly name to prove that even the Tiger can be tamed. While we could blame Tiger for playing like a pussy cat and going all Don Johnson in Tin Cup ("fairways & greens") while Y.E. played the Kevin Costner role but instead of going in the drink on 18, he stuck a straight golfshot to 10 feet and canned the birdie for good measure. We arent convinvced we'll ever see Yang win another major and we are quite sure Tiger will still win 5 more and break Jack's record, which we are very much rooting for - but it was kind of cool for one day to see a happy-go-lucky guy go toe-to-toe with Tiger and not flinch.