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8/24/09 - College QB's

Tebow, Bradford & McCoy - Maybe it was just a smart financial decision, as the economy is down and neither wanted to take "recession year money", but we prefer to think its for the love of the game and the old college try. Whatever it is, all three of the best QB's in the nation chose not to leave early and enter the 09 NFL draft, which is why we are all types of pumped for the upcoming college football season. While we think Tebow is a total sissy for not cashing his BMOC status in Gainesville and dropping the old V-Card, we are happy to see him and his Simon Cowell cut back in the SEC. At the same time, we are thrilled to have Bradford and Colt McCoy (I would believe if it turned out that was actually a stage name created by Mack Brown - who I also believe goes by a stage name) dueling it out in the Big 12, where we expect each will throw for somewhere north of 10,000 yards and 712 TD's in conference play alone this season. The Heisman already is a three man race, but should be fun to watch as the season shakes out.