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8/31/09 - Scheduling Conflicts

First Week Tests - As if we arent happy enough to have College Football returning, its a few key first week out of conference matchups that have us all geared up for the weekend. Of note is the Oregon - Boise St Thurs night kickstart from the Blue Turf, and a pair of Saturday gems including a throw down between top 10's VT & Bama and a couple of major conference dark horses in a very appreciated match up when Ok St & UGA get together. Then just when the long weekend is wrapping up, we get a rivalry game between FSU & Miami. While the latter are conference foes who play each other every year, we give a heck of a lot of credit to the rest of the teams for laying it out there with such bold out of conference games on week 1. Both VT and Bama have national championship aspirations - so one of them will be walking off the field Saturday with their season in ruins. At the same time, Boise St has a chance to make a huge statement and Ok St & UGA have the opportunity to quickly climb the top 25 ranks. No AD or coach ever gets faulted for scheduling Charleston St or Louisiana Tech in a week 1 tuner, but we've got to give props to the guys who let it all hang out on opening day and go for the glory early.