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9/21/09 - Everday He Do

Adrian Peterson - After an off season of tremendous hype where his picture has appeared in just about every promotion for anything football related, and a ton of turmoil surrounding the Favre-unretirement-again situation, Adrian Peterson was picked first overall in just about every fantasy draft in the universe. Then he went out the first two weeks of the season and dominated. Its not as if Cleveland and Detroit are known for their staunch defenses, but every person in the stadium knew the gameplan and yet he's still gone off for 272 yards and 4 TDs in his first two games - both of which are league leading stats. In addition, his Vikings are 2-0 and headed to San Fran to visit another (more suprisingly) 2-0 team with a slightly better defense and their own RB stud. If AD has another monster game this week, well we might as well hand him the MVP right now and just hope Favre doesnt find a way to screw it up for him by letting his spotlight envy run out of control.