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9/28/09 - Old & New

Favre & Sanchez - While it pains us to admit that we may have been wrong, well, we may have been wrong. After all the hating on Brett Favre for ruining his "legend" by coming back, the old geezer has gone out in the first three weeks of the season and just added to the resume. After two nice wins where he basically played the role of hander-offer to AD, Favre electrified in his Twin Cities Vikings debut throwing a laser 40 yards to the back of the end zone for an improbable TD with :02 left on the clock that gave the Vikes a win over the better than advertised Niners. And, back in Jersey, the Jets dont seem to have any regrets for pushing Favre & Mangenius out after last season, as their west coast savior has arrived in the form of rookie QB Mark Sanchez. Like his predecessor has been doing up in Minnesota, Sanchez has not put up impressively big numbers, but he's made very few mistakes and let the rest of the talent around him lead his team to a solid 3-0 start, which included a big time win over the Pats. Now both the Jets and Favre know how good things looked early last season and how miserably they ended, so we may end up being right after all - but for now, we give credit where its due.