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10/5/09 - Two at the Top

Brady & Manning - Not that this should come as a suprise, but it turns out Tom Brady & Peyton Manning are really really good. Not just goot, but the best in the world, and, frankly, its not even close. Favre is still gunslinging and there are great younger QB's like Manning Jr and even younger good ones like Joe Flacco, but there isnt anyone in the game that we'd trust with our team more than Tom or Peyton. While Brady has the good looks and slick game and killer demeanor, Peyton has the goofy grin, terrible haircut and awful mobility - but they are both clearly smarter than everyone else on the field and both possess the physical abilities to make any throw there is. Coming into this season you didnt hear much hype about either guy - Brady coming off the injury, Peyton entering what Reggie Wayne calls the "Construction Zone" of rebuilding - but 1/4 of the way through the season its very clear that their combined 7-1 records have their teams back in the frontrunner seats for the AFC and the Super Bowl trophy.