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8/17/09 - Are you Favre real?

Favre - Oh god, not again. No really, not again. What is it with this guy, he makes Artie Lange look like he should be the poster child for AA. He just cant quit to save his life, or at least his reputation. Rumor out of Minnesota is that Favre - despite his claims of retirement, again - is coming back and will be in the purple by week 3 of the preseason. We used to love Favre (well as much as any non-Packer fan could) bc he was exactly the kind of guy we'd want on our team - tough, gunslinging, good old American patriot, hell he starred in Wrangler ads. But now, this guy is a disaster - a distracting, aging primadonna who apparently just cant hang it up. Its like the guy is going through menapause (he is at the right age) and just keeps having some sort of mood swings that just keep on drastically making him change his mind.