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8/24/09 - Plaixc-oooohhhh

Plaxico - So we knew he was a fool for shooting himself in the leg, but until now didnt realize really how much of a ritard Plax actually was. He's finally done an interview (with that muckraker Jeremy Schaap), and basically the guy was in da club in NYC - one that requires all guests to g through a pat down and a metal detector - rockin sweat pants and packing heat in the wasteband. He cheaped out not getting a table and tried to just hang all casual like by the bar - as if a 6ft 7in Super Bowl hero doesnt stand out in the crowd - until a bunch of fans came up asking him how he is doing, which apparently became so much of a bother that he had to spring for a table in the VIP. While being walked up the stairs to the V-I, Plax stumbled on the steps and felt his gun drop down his sweats. Since, he clearly didnt want his gun to fall on the ground he tried to catch it in his pants, inadvertantly pulling the trigger and shooting himself in the leg. First of all, if your a super well known, awkwardly tall, iced out athlete, you have no business going to any club that requires two gun checks before entry - and brining your own gun isnt going to help you resolve any potential issues that occur while in said club. Second, if you are a 32 year old man, regardless if you play a game for a job, you have no business wearing sweat pants out for an evening on the town. Third, if you are a pro athlete, you should really be able to walk a few stairs without tripping and falling. And, if for some reason, all of those things happen to all be thrown out the window at the same time - the worst thing that should happen to you should be your sagging sweats falling down while you trip on some stairs and have a bunch of thugs laugh at you... But if you decide to flip the safety switch off your gat and have the worst luck ever, well then you get shot in the leg and senteced to two years in jail... sucks to be a fool.