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8/31/09 - Encroachment Coaching

Josh McDaniels - The Broncos choked away their for sure playoff spot down the stretch last season, so the ownership pushed out one of the best offensive minds in football history to make way for Darth Hoodie's newest disciple, and things have gone from bad, to worse, to worser and are getting close to worsest. McDaniels succeeded in alienating his new Pro Bowl QB to the point that he lost him in a forced trade where, in exchange, he got a guy who should barely be a backup in the NFL. Since then his new QB has gotten injured (and the guy he really wanted went down in KC) and now his best offense weapon is basically refusing to play for him. Considering he's yet to actually coach a regular season game and so far its quite possible that he just inherited a team with a few bad apples, but this is just not what Bronco's fans (or ownership) bargained for when they brought him on board - so he better right the ship soon.