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9/7/09 - Blount Throwing Blows

LeGarrette Blount - After Oregon's season opener that might as well be the end of their season on the blue turf in Boise, the Ducks' smack talking running back threw a quick, but very square on, jab to the jaw of a Boise St player who was mouthing off. While we have to admit it was a sweet punch, it was the reaction afterwards that really put Blount on the hot seat as he went berserk screaming at fans and fighting with security. For his performance Blount earned a full season supension, basically ensuring that his shot at the NFL and Oregon's shot at the Pac 10 this year are very, very long. We get that football is an aggressive sport and we are ok with players who's temper gets them into trouble here and there, but acting a fool and costing your team their season, well that gets you cut from our team anyday.