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9/14/09 - Bad News Bengals

Bengals - This season of Hard Knocks really had us believing that Marvin Lewis had straightened them out, Carson Palmer was healthy, Chad was back to being Chad and the Bengals were a playoff contender, then the last half minute of Sunday's opening day loss to Denver happened. In a total fluke of a play, Brandon Stokely caught a tipped pass and took an arrant last ditch throw 80+ yards to the house for the game winning touchdown. In those 30 seconds the slight air of cool that had started to surround the Bengals quickly breezed away as we realized that they still are that sad unfortunate team that, despite plenty of talent, just cant seem to help but get in their own way. We just feel bad for their fans - it sucks enough having to live in Cincinatti, they really dont deserve for their team to be the Bungles.