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9/21/09 - CrabbyTree

Michael Crabtree - While we do believe the Niners are terribly stupid for not just ponying up the extra couple of mil to close out the deal and get the best available rookie receiver on the planet to come join the team, but we've really go to question the decision making skills of said all-world wideout Michael Crabtree. The WR is apparently demanding top 7 pick money, even though he fell to the Niners at pick #10, which is the pricepoint they are offering. Although his abilities probably do warrant a bit more cash, how about he get out on the field and prove it. Its not like the $17mil guaranteed cash that the Niners have offered is chump change - and in the current economy, with jobless rates at all times highs, its pretty tough to root for a guy who is refusing to take a massive paycheck to play football in California on an up-and-coming classic franchise, where he could be the "next Jerry Rice". The kicker in it is now apparently Crabtree, through his agent or cousin or something, refuses to even talk to Niners orner and GM - and from what we've found the silent treatment usually isnt the winning approach to multi-million dollar contract negotiations.