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9/28/09 - TO's Tantrum

TO - Really TO?! I mean Really?! Somehow the guy who called the press to his house so he could do shirtless sit ups while bashing his pro bowl QB, just after accusing his previous pro bowl QB of being a homosexual rodent, is now turning it around on the media in Buffalo. Apparently those upstate muckrakers are really twisting and turning his words to make it seem like he's not happy with the offensive play calling or the quality of his QB. Well TO, too bad - you had a very good team with a good QB in SF, then a great team with a great QB in Philly, and a pretty sweet situation in Big-D, but you screwed them all up with your big mouth. And your punishment, being sent away to Buffalo, with a crappy offense and a crappier QB, and, if we are all a little bit lucky, hopefully an offensive scheme that runs the ball 78 times a game. Enjoy being a blocker.