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10/5/09 - Big Baby Braylon

Braylon Edwards - There was a time in late 2007 when he had us all fooled into believing that he had matured into the stud WR that we all thought he would become when he was lighting it up at Michigan. But, oh, how wrong we were. Since then, Edwards has been a fantasy bust, a terrible teammate and now, in the words of Lebron James, "Childish". Apparently late last night, after another dissapointing loss to the Bengals, Edwards decidided to hit da club in Cleveland and sometime around 2:30a punched out the bouncer out front, who happened to be Bron Bron's pal. As the police report states the guy is like 135 lbs, not really a fair fight for an NFL wideout, so Lebron let it be known what the king thought of the jester's act by announcing that Edwards was jealous of him and his friends and that he actions were what he expected from his children. Edwards, smartly, replied with a Tweet that basically kissed the Kings ass, which was probably a good idea - since Bron Bron doesnt strike us as the kind of big child that Edwards would want to mess with. Unfortunately for Cleveland fans, that Nike ad where LeBron dreams of being a star WR scoring a touchdown for the Browns, is just that - a dream.