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Referee Bias? You Betchya!

Looking back at the month of October, there has been numerous instances where I yelled "WTF" at the TV screen during a game, even if the call was blatantly obvious and against my team (a la the Angels 2nd base pick off attempt that worked but wasn't called). I'm also a Big Ten fan and have dealt with awful officiating (and no owning up to bad calls) for years. But yesterday, I saw something that boggled my mind. The Indiana Hoosiers traveled to Iowa to take on the undefeated and #4 ranked Hawkeyes, and some of the calls in that game were blown so badly you'd think you were watching a Jenna Jamison flick.

More specifically, there were 2 blown calls against Indiana that were truly awful. Both went for touchdowns, and both, in the end, were ruled incomplete (whether they were called TD's on the field or not). Like a lot of times in the month of October, I yelled WTF at the TV. I mean, how can the zebras blow such obvious calls?! But then it hit me. The refs, the Big Ten, the powers that be, all want Iowa to win. Why? Well the answer is simple. Two BCS teams equals more moolah and more exposure for the league. So what if it'd be better for the league to only send one team to the BCS and have the better teams play weaker competition, thus improving the horrendous reputation of the Big Ten. So what about the integrity of the game.

Couple that with the just released "expert polls" that have a 2 loss USC team at 12th. Let's digest this for a second. USC just lost 47-20, lost to a pretty bad Washington team, and they're #$^$%^ TWELFTH?? College football has all of my love for the actual game, however the mechanics of determining who the best team is, the ludicrous B(C)S that we, the paying fans, have to put up with and the tyranny of the sport is flustering and confusing.

I wish someone would reign supreme, set up a 4 or 8 team playoff (keeping in tact the importance of the regular season but still determining a true national champion, AND keeping the bowl system around). But no, we've University presidents and league boards voting again and again in favor of money instead of what's best for the game. It's appalling and I pray that Utah gets their way and busts up the B(C)S so that, within the next 10 years, we've got a real system in place and don't need to have referees being horribly biased, so that we don't need to see undefeated teams get shut out of a chance to play for the national title, and so that college football is righted. Here's to hoping for the impossible.