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11/9/09 - Larry Loser

Larry Johnson - Rarely does someone make our Cut List when they actually are Cut, but in this case Chiefs management was definitely on our page when they released the former Pro-Bowler saying that they'd spent too much time cleaning up his messes and it just wasn't worth it anymore. That's an amazing statement for a struggling team to make - and one that we hope the fans in KC appreciate. It's not easy as the GM or coach of an NFL team to tell, arguably their best player, that it was time to hit the road, not matter what type of attitude problems they may have - hell TO still has a job! We applaud the Chief's and just want to let Larry know that we arent looking for him to join our squad either. Dick Vermeil once claimed that Larry Johnson wore diapers - and Dick Vermeils claim to fame is being the biggest crier in the history of the NFL. Even our Grandmama wouldnt want LJ on our team (as a totally irrelevant side note, my grandfather once coached and won a high school football game in northern california over Dick Vermeil, and to this day claims that he is a better coach than a Super Bowl champion).