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11/9/09 - The 40-20 Club

Jim Boeheim - The Syracuse coach won his 800th game tonight as the Orange rolled over Albany in a clash of upstate NY basketball powers. While we joke about Cuse's competition (they lost last week in a warm up game to a college we've never heard of), we have to give love to Boeheim's remarkable run. If you consider a 20-win season to be a good year, then Boeheim has enough wins to have had 40 straight good years, which is pretty darn remarkable. He's a classy older man who's always seemed like a nice, albeit slightly nerdy, dude who just coaches em up and wins. Other guys have won more championships and recruited bigger stars (although Melo may have been the best Diaper Dandy of all time), but Boeheim has stood the test of time - just like JoePa down the road in College Station, Boeheim can always have a seat on our bench.