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What We'd Ask AI

A young Allen
A young Allen

Dear Allen,

We love your style of play, you are a gritty scorer, with a crossover that makes us swoon. We understand you don't like practice and that is fine you've got enough talent not to. What is going on with you now though bro? We need to get to the bottom of this - here's what we'd ask in light of recent events...

OK, so what's this "personal matter" ?

Are you sure it's that you just don't want to play anymore?

Are you on drugs?

SupaHead's a liar, right?

If you wanted to win why'd you go to Memphis?

Was ditching the corn rows a cry for attention?

There's no need to explain yourself any further thanks for the on and off court memeories and for making neck tats at least somewhat acceptable.


Project Franchise